Milwaukee June 6-8, 2020: Zap on Business Venture Investments

Phone Zap on Business Venture Investments

Business Ventures Investments is a landlord company in Milwaukee that is currently engaging in evictions against its tenants who have experienced hardship during the COVID 19 public health crisis and major economic downturn that has put millions out of work.

Instead of accepting mediation, payment plans for tenants to make-up back rent, waiting for tenants to receive pending unemployment or stimulus money, or showing basic human decency and making accommodations for tenants, as many landlords in Milwaukee have done, owners Kevin and Dorothy Hampton have jumped directly to evicting tenants who have missed rent payments, regardless of their situation.

Tenants who rent from Business Ventures Investments have joined MATU and contributed to the organization of a campaign against these landlords. We are asking people that are seeking housing justice in this time of major uncertainty do the following:

-Call Kevin Hampton at 414-364-7332
-Call Dorothy Hampton at 414-460-7157
-Deliver a message to them in person, if they answer, or leaving a message on their voicemail from the script below.
-Call at least once each of the following days: Monday 7/6, Tuesday 7/7 and Wednesday 7/8.
NOTE: Please abstain from threats or vulgar language as we are an organization seeking to engage with landlords on a professional basis. Threatening them or cussing them out will not help the tenants facing homelessness.


Hello, I am calling on behalf of the Milwaukee Autonomous Tenants Union to speak with Kevin/Dorothy Hampton of Business Ventures Investments to express my disappointment that you are evicting your tenants in the middle of a global pandemic and major economic downturn in which millions of people are out of work and extremely vulnerable. By filing evictions right now, you are essentially forcing people that have otherwise been able to consistently pay their rent, into a situation of imminent homelessness. This is reprehensible and we thus demand the following:

-That you drop all the evictions you have filed against your tenants cease filing evictions entirely until COVID 19 has ceased to be a public health concern.
-That you expunge from their records all the evictions that you filed against tenants after the Wisconsin Eviction Moratorium expired.
-That you work with your tenants to develop realistic, feasible payment plans for back rent, with no late fees.
-That you allow all current tenants to live in their units harassment free until they are able to pay or find new accommodations.

You have ignored MATU’s demands once. If you continue to do so, further action will be taken against your company.

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