Oppose U.S. Attorney Blader’s Attempt to Intimidate Madison Activists Demanding Black Liberation! No Grand Juries!

NOW is the time to take the streets. Bring your vehicle or bicycle for a short car caravan.
US Attorney Scott Blader has subpoenaed two witnesses, Liya Brown and Jacob Capps, for a federal grand jury tomorrow. Grand juries are a tactic of repression used against activists ranging from the Black Panthers to the Standing Rock water protectors. We must ALL turn out to condemn US Attorney Blader’s tactic of intimidation to repress Madison activists demanding Black liberation!
Prosecutors use federal grand juries to decide whether or not to pursue federal criminal charges. Federal grand juries are not trials. They are run by prosecutors, who control all the evidence presented. There is no judge.
The overwhelming majority (more than 99%) of cases presented to a grand jury end with an indictment. Grand juries have a long history of targeting political dissenters, activists, and groups who are a threat to power.
For a full statement regarding federal tactics of repression being attempted, read the Freedom Fighters Legal Support full statement here: tinyurl.com/FFLSGrandJury
Milwaukee activists protests FBI

Milwaukee activists protest FBI


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