Milwaukee, July 24, 2020: ~ Art In Protest ~ “The People’s Holiday” Bonus Checkpoint

Image may contain: text that says 'BLACK LIVES MATTER'

~ Art In Protest ~ “The People’s Holiday” Bonus Checkpoint

The People’s Holiday – BONUS CHECKPOINT ALERT !!!

– Art In Protest –

Pop-up sculpture & sign art park at Kadish Park from Fri 7pm – Sat 7pm of the Riverwest 24!

You can do it!!

Bring supplies! Bright paint! cardboard plywood – sign & mural making materials, templates! Bike flags!!

Covid-senstive art build packs will be available to groups for make & take signs or for the sculpture installations. Safety yes.

UV spray painted sculptures built at Kadish Park hill by Friday night will be lit with solar powered LED lights!

Prizes will be awarded to all art makers builders & volunteers ~

Sculptures, plywood murals & signs should be spread around town! Pick them up around typical race finish time Saturday 6-7pm & volunteers will be needed from 7-8pm to Leave No Trace @ Kadish Park.

Black Lives Matter.

Cycling community, please listen, activate & make change happen.

The Black is Beautiful ride was a wonderful celebration of Milwaukee cyclists. Thank you to the organizers – please coordinate more community rides!

This would also be a fantastic spot for a pop-up RW24-style dance party so any sound systems and DJs are most welcome.

Lots of amazing professional artists creating BLM posters & murals & stickers – a freeform art fair may allow us to support these artists directly?

Does anyone have a map of the RW street art installations? Maybe a fun bonus lap opportunity?

Love Milwaukee actively

Ride Bikes

Wear a mask

Don’t be a Jerk

note: the ~ Art In Protest ~ Bonus RW24-style Checkpoint has not been sanctioned or approved by the Riverwest24 organizing committee. I did not even ask them for permission. Please respect the race, keep friends healthy, and stop at stop signs.

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