Oshkosh, July 31, 2020: Justice for Isaiah Tucker! We Demand Police Accountability!

Justice for Isaiah Tucker! We Demand Police Accountability!

Join us on the anniversary of Isaiah Tucker’s murder to demand the firing of Oshkosh Police Department’s Officer Aaron Achterberg and those involved in denying Isaiah medical care after he was shot. In the early morning of July 31st, 2017 OPD was responding to a domestic complaint after an argument and Isaiah fled and backed out of the driveway with the car him and his girlfriend often shared only to be fired at 11 times, 2 of them fatally wounding Isaiah, who was found crashed at another scene close by and had succumbed to his wounds.

Isaiah’s blood soaked items were returned to his mother after Oshkosh Police Department lied in their report that Isaiah had used his car to try and run Officer Achterberg over this forcing him to “fear for his life” and fire multiple shots when this was later proven to be false by the dash cam footage. By the time the footage had been shown there was little community interest because, like the thousands of victims of police brutality, his past criminal record was used to tarnish his name and justify the blatant disregard for safety and dignity of Isaiah’s and the other innocent people in surrounding homes. This happens too often and Isaiah deserves justice!

We demand that officers be held accountable and not by their superiors! We demand that the community have a direct say in and control ofwho we allow to keep us safe, how they’re trained, if they need to be fired, and what happens when they take a life like Isaiah’s (or others who need help NOT harm) We demand that Isaiah’s case be reopened so we can hold his killers accountable! #Justice4Isaiah

Fire the police! Indict the police! Convict the police!

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