July 23, 2020 Call-In Day: #SaveThePostOffice

Tomorrow, Thursday July 23, we are calling every senator to tell them to pass funding to #SaveThePostOffice.

Click here to sign up and be a part of the day.

During this pandemic, the United States Postal Service has kept our economy running, ensured we received our deliveries, and kept us all connected. Shamefully, while corporations took giant bailouts, the USPS – which is a public service for all – was left out of much needed COVID-relief funding.

The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is pushing through policies that will significantly delay the mail, using the USPS financial crisis as an excuse. We need our senators to fix the Postal Service’s COVID financial crisis now.

This week, the Senate returns from recess to take up stimulus legislation, and they need to hear from every one of us. Tomorrow (Thursday), we are holding a Call-the-Senate Day of Action. The Senate must step up and pass much needed funding for the United States Postal Service!

Sign up here to participate in the call-in day of action.

Dial: 844-402-1001 to be connected to your first senator. Dial again, to be connected to your second senator. Insist they pass the $25 billion of emergency COVID relief for the Postal Service NOW!

Tell your family and friends to text “USPS” to 91990 to join the fight to #SaveThePostOffice!

In Solidarity,

US Mail Not For Sale
1300 L Street
Washington, DC 20005

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Dr. King wanted an I Occupation for JOBS Hands Off the Post Office! wibailoutpeople.org Labor donated'

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