Sister Bay, WI, July 24, 2020: NO RIOT GEAR IN DOOR COUNTY


“Adopt a Soldier Door County, a Sturgeon Bay-based nonprofit organization, has offered to donate $10,000 to the Sheriff’s Office to pay for the helmets and shields that the office requested and that the county finance committee voted down last month.” Door County Knock

After the county finance committee voted down this ask (for non-financial reasons,) the donation has recently been approved by the public safety committee. This is despite an unprecedented flood of dissented calls from the public:

“This is an especially egregious and unnecessarily antagonistic action, as it coincides with the largest civil rights movement the world has seen to date,” our petition with over 500 signatures states. “This military-grade weaponry only serves to escalate situations, while targeting U.S. citizens.”

We reject the idea that our public safety can be bought through private organizations with their own agenda. We also acknowledge that real change comes from civil disobedience.

We will be in Sister Bay from 11am-2pm this 07/22-0724. Brings your own sign, a mask, and friends. We will have water and extra signs and music.

Hosted by Black Lives Matters Solidarity Sister Bay


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