July 26, 2020: Port Washington: March In Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

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Port Washington: March In Solidarity

Join the community this Sunday to march in solidarity of Black Lives Matter. This is an event created by TheNextGeneration Facebook page. This group is a youth movement group that helps educate the younger generations on racism and uplift those voices. We want to continue to amplify our voices to enlighten and bring forth change to the community for the better. We will be starting this event at 3:30pm, and beginning to march around 4pm. Please wear masks!

We will be posting our route on Saturday at 12pm. The route we have planned will be 3.9 miles long. We encourage everyone to come join us marching for as long as they are able to. There will only be one uphill moment, while the rest will be flat or going downhill.

Before we begin our march we will be having organizer Cella Martinez speak about her experiences and educate us on the importance of this march. We will allow for anyone in the crowd to also come up and share their knowledge on racism and what we can do better as a community. We have talked with PWPD about helping us block off roads to keep us safe. There will be a supply of masks, snacks, and waters at the event. We HIGHLY encourage everyone to wear a mask to keep our community safe, and allow for more people to come join us in our march.

After marching we will be grilling out, listening to music, and hanging out. We encourage this to be a time where we can get to know each other, and share stories and experiences that will help us better understand the importance of this movement in our community. Let’s continue to uplift the Black voices in Port Washington. Together we stand, Black Lives Matter!

There will be tons of street parking available. The two main streets that connect with the park are N Spring Street and W Grand Ave.

This will be our route! We will start at Hill School Park:

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