July 30 – August 2, 2020: Unity Fire Milwaukee

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Unity Fire MKE – July

The Unity Fire MKE will burn brightly again in our community from July 30th to August 2nd at the Wgemas Campus. The Fire is intended to be a public show of support and care as well as serve as a personal place of reflection in accordance to some of our traditional teachings and values.

This Fire burns for our community to help us with the isolating affects and fears of COVID-19, for the mental health, physical health set backs because of the burdened medical system, economic and the social challenges that come each day for the people we serve. There is also the growing nature of the virus in our community and concerns of families and back to school conversations.

At the First Unity Fire MKE, we had many positive comments and results – two of which stand out: Black Lives Matter as a movement in Milwaukee grew their own presence of holding vigils instead of marches, and the East Asian Community sent out a state wide message about their hopes for a better community in the face of oppressive acts against their communities. For our Native community Elders and their safety were first and foremost in our minds and activities.

Educational & inspirational speakers will talk each day at 3:00 pm to address each theme: • July 30 The Very Young
• July 31Youth • August 1 Adults • August 2 Elders.

Face masks are expected to be worn and will be provided on site. If weather is an issue, we will utilize the large gym and social distancing will be observed at all times.

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