The Next Generation – Milwaukee

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'E X GENERATION LEADER The Next Generation is described as youth movement group that helps educate the younger generation's the racism that affects people color in the United States this day. They come together march in peace and solidarity fight against systematic racism in America. The Next Generation hopes to help our cities and communities, by not only fighting against racism but also helping rebuild communities, feeding the helping black owned businesses, and most importantly, helping each other come together one. This is The Next Generation.'


THE 26 of this month The Next Generation is here to step up under frank and tag team with him on things , he cant be everywhere so we As a commUnity are stepping up to help . My Name Lamar and I want to help & gather people of my age group (The Youth) & educate them on Police Brutality , Systematic Racism, And get them educated and updated on laws so to do so We are A group that throws Events we will be having an event coming up we will be having a event havin on the 26 of this month #nojusticenopiece #theyouth
Yall come out show some love & show some support.
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