The Justice Poles Project

The Justice Poles Project

In the fight for social justice, community voices are vital to making real and lasting change. Our ideas, stories, hopes and fears need to be heard.

The Justice Poles Project is a community art project that will give people a chance to amplify their voices in displays that will stand tall in our communities for a long time to come.

The poles will be based on concepts such as Black and Brown liberation, systemic racism, social inequality, police reform, the Black Lives Matter movement, disability justice, and other issues that are important to our communities.

Justice Poles are a concept that borrows heavily from Peace Poles. But in this moment, inspired by the rallying cry, “No Justice, No Peace,” we feel drawn to shift our focus to justice–to reflect the work that is happening in our communities, our city, our nation, and worldwide.

Peace Poles usually read, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Justice Poles also carry aspirational statements, ideas we wish and work to bring into being on this earth. these include, “May Justice Prevail on Earth,” “May Equality Prevail on Earth,” and “May Inclusivity Prevail on Earth.” Other themes include Diversity Is Power and Together We Rise. The change we want…Justice Poles are a place to display it in writing, drawing or any way you see fit.

We welcome artists and community members from all walks of life to collaborate on this project. Can’t wait to see what we come up with together!

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