Madison Activists Resist Grand Jury Subpoenas! Fighting Racism Is Not A Crime!

ATF has paid visits to several revolutionary activists’ homes lately. This morning, a new person was served a subpoena to attend federal grand jury on Wednesday morning.

Federal grand juries are a favorite tool of capitalists to shut down dissent, most recently used against Standing Rock Water Protectors and here in Madison against Black revolutionaries.

Public statement 7/27/20: ATF Visits

MADISON, WI. — Today, Monday, July 27, at least one of the five “persons of interest” in the City County Building so-called firebombing investigation was served a subpoena to a federal grand jury for this Wednesday, July 29. Agents from The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) served the subpoena.

ATF agents, including Agent William Fulton, have visited additional activists’ homes, their families’ homes, and their workplaces last week and this Monday, July 27th. ATF agents used an unmarked black SUV for at least one visit. They asked the following:

  • To identify people in photographs from protests
  • Activists’ location on June 24, the night of the CCB protest

When ATF visits your workplace, your home, or the home of your loved ones, they may be in plain clothes, uniforms, or riot gear. They may be driving marked or unmarked vehicles. You are not legally required to open your door. If you do not open your door, they cannot serve you. Remember that law enforcement may legally lie or manipulate you into believing you or others will be protected by what you say. If they are knocking on your door or you are served, call the Freedom Fighters Grand Jury Support Line at (608) 535-9907 for immediate free legal support.

Wednesday’s federal grand jury, called by US Attorney Scott Blader, will convene at the US District Court, Western District of WI, 120 N. Henry Street. Please join us there (time TBA) by car or bike to show support to subpoenants and opposition to grand juries, both in general as a movement-dividing tactic and in particular this grand jury targeting Black revolutionary activists. Let subpoenants know we support them in resisting this tool of state violence.

If you are targeted as a person of interest or have received visits from federal agents or subpoenas to a grand jury, please call (608) 535-9907 for free legal support. If you are outside Wisconsin, please call the National Lawyers Guild Anti-Repression Hotline at (212) 679-2811 to speak with an attorney at no cost. Remember that anything you say can and will be used against you and others, so it is advisable not to talk about anything you did, witnessed, or heard about with anyone but your attorney. Memorize the line: “I will not speak without my attorney present.”

Freedom Fighters Legal Support (FFLS) is a group supporting activists and community members impacted by grand jury proceedings in Madison, Wisconsin. For previous statements on Persons of Interest, Jury Resistance, and the Grand Jury, see:

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