Comet Workers Set Up Picket Line to Protest Firings, Demand Severance

Comet workers were fired as retaliation for organizing for better, safer conditions. We are demanding severance, as workers were led to believe they would be reopening for in person dining and then fired abruptly when they demanded basic protections.

Comet Cafe workers recently fired for organizing to improve their working conditions held a picket outside BelAir Cantina today to demand severance pay from the owners. Workers presented the owners with a list of demands signed by dozens of employees and three days later they were fired. Comet Cafe is owned by Mojofuco, which also owns BelAir, both Fuel Cafe locations, HiHat Lounge, Finks and other bars and restaurants around Milwaukee.

The action was organized by Milwaukee IWW

Joe Brusky added 49 new photos to the album: Comet Cafe Workers Fired for Organizing Picket BelAir Cantina.

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