Kewaunee, August 1, 2020: Protest for Racial Justice + BLM

Protest for Racial Justice + BLM

Protest on the side of HWY 42 near Tug Ludington in Kewaunee, WI from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Social distancing rules will be applied and we ask that masks are worn. Come anytime you can. Water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and extra signs will be provided. Resources will be made available as the purpose of the protest is to inform and educate.

We are still running a book exchange to celebrate black authors and storytellers, so bring a book if you can + grab a book to expand and diversify your reading list! We are taking donations as well to buy more books for donation to local schools.

Continue to keep this momentum alive. We are living in one of the greatest civil rights movement of human history, and although change is being made already, there is more work to do. Amplify Black voices whenever you can, have conversations with friends and family, and continue to be an ally. This generation will not burn out.

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