Overpass Light Brigade to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett: Health & Safety Over Profits!

Overpass Light Brigade

We held this message in front of Milwaukee City Hall tonight with Leaders Igniting Transformation and Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association in solidarity for today’s National Day of Resistance (August 3, 2020). Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Health Commissioner Kowalik I failed to control the pandemic in Milwaukee. Now they just approved a plan that allows private vouchers and charter schools to open at half capacity while the city’s Public Schools made the wise choice for an all virtual start. This Reckless choice will make all of Milwaukee less safe.

Here are the National movement’s demands:

• No in-person schooling until scientific and public-health data supports it
• Police-free schools
• All schools must be supported to function as community schools with adequate numbers of counselors and nurses
• Safe conditions including lower class sizes, PPE, cleaning, testing, and other key protocols
• Equitable access to online learning
• Support for our communities and families, including a moratorium on evictions/foreclosures, direct cash assistance to those unable to work, and other critical social needs
• Moratorium on new charter or voucher programs
• Massive infusion of federal money to support the reopening funded by taxing the billionaires and Wall Street

#EdEquityorElse #policefreeschools #DemandSafeSchools

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