Milwaukee, Unity Fire August 17-20, 2020

Image may contain: text that says '4 DAYS 4 NIGHTS WGEMA 3215W State Street UNITY FIRE MKE AUGUST 17-20 Prayer Reflection Hope'

Unity Fire MKE DNC AUG 17-20

A fire with intended purpose will burn brightly day and night for four days in peaceful prayer for Mother Earth and for her people who seek peaceful change. Each day will focus on the four elements of life: Day 1=Earth, Day 2=Wind, Day 3=Fire, Day 4=Water. This Fire will take place at the Wgema Campus, hosted by Forest County Potawatomi, during the DNC, Aug 17-20, 2020.


“It is our belief that the prophesies contain a promise. The new people, the new awareness is here among us, among all people. There’s a growing awareness that we need to care for the earth, we need become concerned with the water, the air and all of creation. We need to do this together… We have to begin to reach out and say, ‘Brother, we are of the earth. That all prayer originates at the same place and arrives at the same place. That is what I believe.”
— Eddie Benton-Banaise, Ojibway Elder
Testimony given at the Minnesota State Office Building, St. Paul Capitol Grounds, March 1999

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