Remember Hiroshima – And Nagasaki! Stop the U.S. War Machine to Save Mother Earth!

Today in history: August 6, 1945 – The U.S. drops nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, the first use of nuclear weapons in war. Three days later the U.S. also uses nuclear bombs on Nagasaki, Japan. Within the first two to four months of the bombings, the effects killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki, with roughly half of the deaths in each city occurring on the first day. The Hiroshima health department estimated that, of the people who died on the day of the explosion, 60% died from flash or flame burns, 30% from falling debris and 10% from other causes. During the following months, large numbers died from the effect of burns, radiation sickness, and other injuries, compounded by illness. In both cities, most of the dead were civilians. Image: Atomic bomb mushroom clouds over Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right). #Japan #WWII #USImperialism

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