Milwaukee: Fired Workers Picket Hiya Taco Restaurant to Demand Severance, Safety Protections and Assistance to Access Unemployment Benefits

Mojofuco Tell the Truth! Comet Cafe workers held another picket, this time outside the new Hiya Taco restaurant. Hiya is being opened by the same owners of Comet. The workers were fired three days after collectively delivering demands for safer working conditions. These are their demands: “We, the United Workers of the Comet Cafe, demand a one time severance payment. We demand that all of your currently open restaurants be offered immediate, clear means of reporting faulty or dangerous equipment and other occupational hazards, and that the time spent auditing the equipment be compensated for. We demand an immediate effort to provide assistance to coworkers company-wide that have either been deemed ineligible or have otherwise been unable to access unemployment insurance benefits through the pandemic. We demand that when the Comet Cafe begins the process of reopening and hiring again that the workers that advocated for their safety can get their jobs back if they still want it.” – Milwaukee IWW

For more information call or text (262) 922-8539 Email: OTTOGRATUITY@GMAIL.COM

All photos: Joe Brusky

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