August 9, 2020: Port Washington/Saukville: Racial Justice Discussion

Port Washington/Saukville: Racial Justice Discussion

Join us for a discussion on racial justice. We believe these conversations are necessary to move forward in positive ways for our community. This is an educational based event created to give our community a way to come together and listen to others experiences and discuss topics of racial justice. Come with an open mind to discuss various talking points in both small and large discussion groups.

LOCATION: Quade Park Saukville, WI

Please fill out this quick and easy forum if you’re interested in attending. This event is FREE! Everyone is welcome.

How this event is going to work:

We will begin by having a speaker shortly discuss the importance of having these conversations in our community. Then we will break into small discussion groups with about four to five people. There are many picnic tables at the park, but you are welcome to bring your own chair to a social distance. At the tables there will be sheets of paper that will have discussion topic points, which you are welcome to choose from to get the conversations started. After about 15-20 minutes we will form a large (socially distanced) discussion circle with everyone. At this time we will have a moderator who will ask questions, and everyone is welcome to share their responses or stories as well as ask questions. We believe this event will create a welcoming and informative environment. We are excited to see you there!

We will be having two small give away baskets; one for adults and one for children. We encourage this event to be family friendly, so feel free to bring your children because there will be coloring sheets available as well as a playground at the park.

Ground Rules:

– Wear a mask!
– Think before you speak
– Beware of judging yourself and others harshly and unfairly
– Own your thoughts and beliefs by using “I” statements
– Listen with a compassionate and curious heart to others especially when their experience and views are different
– Don’t interrupt; allow others to express themselves respectfully

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