Rockford, August 8, 2020: ACAB TEACH IN: A Black August Event

Image may contain: text that says '7th- Vigil for Black Trans Women & Femmes ROCKFORD YOUTH ABOLITIONISTS 8th- ACAB Teach-In HOOR BLACK AUGUST EMBRACING UNITY, SELF-SACRIFICE POLITICAL EDUCATION, PHYSICAL TRAINING AND RESISTANCE IN THE FIGHT FOR BLACK LIBERATION 14th- Haitian Revolution Run: Black Rebellion Training & Discipline 24th- Marsha Johnson Day: Celebration of Black Queer Resistance 31st- Black August People's Feast'

Rockford Youth Abolitionists

We’ll be meeting at the Gazebo in Fairgrounds Park, Rockford, IL. 3 P.M.

We’ll be doing another teach in with a number of different community members around policing in the spirit of Black August revolutionary learning and education. This is not a protest. We will have food.

We encourage people to bring tables, canopies, chairs to borrow (will be returned). We wants donations of abolitionist, black history, anti-racist books, radical history, queer theory, revolutionary history (with intersectional, radical black focus). Bring banners, rbg flags, bug spray, sunscreen, sidewalk chalk, hand sanitizer, blankets/lawn chairs. Please wear a mask! Covid is still going on!

Please print and bring zines! Email us if you want a list of zines we’d like to be printed. We are preferable to topics around direct action, feminism, abolition, black anarchism, mutual aid and health during covid.

We’re asking that people bring donations for free store: toilet paper, water, masks, sanitizer, soap, school supplies, backpacks in excellent condition, clothes in excellent condition, transit cards, diapers, tampons, contraceptives, laundry detergent, fresh fruit, canned/dry goods, etc

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