Rockford, IL August 13, 2020: Use Of Force Policy Committee Sit In

Use Of Force Policy Committee Sit In

This Thursday at 5:30 pm the Community Relations Commission is hosting another meeting to discuss RPD’s use of force policy in City Hall Chambers.

Show up and share your story.
Especially if you have experience with how RPD exercises their use of force.

The City of Rockford’s administration should be held accountable for any error, danger, or negligence within the use of force policy.

It is important to differentiate the Winnebago County Sheriff’s office from the Rockford Police Department.

On August 7th of 2020 it was the Winnebago County Sheriff’s police force that used pepper spray on protestors at City Market. Including children who were within the vicinity.

Geno Washington and Joseph McCormick are two names we have of people who have died inside of the winnebago county jail. Joseph McCormick’s autopsy determined that he died of asphyxia. The findings of Geno Washington’s autopsy was not immediately released. It took seven months for the winnebago boone county integrity task force to release the statement that 35 year old Eugene Washington died as a result of sleep apnea.

A list of some people killed by the rockford police department. Eddie Patterson, Mark Barmore, Michael Sago Jr, Shannon Graves, Demetrius Bennet, Kerry Blake, and Phillip Johnson. There are more.

The reason this is being brought to your attention is to remind you that this meeting is specifically in regard to the rockford police department’s use of force policy. However these police forces along with the mayor are working together to intimidate, harass, unlawfully arrest, suppress and punish those exercising their rights of free speech. Do not forget this.

They want a public present to give insight.
Do not forget to wear your mask and show up early to get a seat if you wish to speak.

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