Black Lives Matter Members & Supporters Protest Wauwatosa Police & Mayor; Demand Justice for Those Murdered by Cops

From Kyle Charters to: Tosa Police had to back that ass up tonight, August 14, 2020.Big WIN for The Peoples Revolution! Hell of a job Khalil and everybody else! Powerful footage from DeAndre Lockhart (stay tuned for my fun edits at the end).

“You CAN NOT stop peaceful protest. A drunk off duty cop tried to run over the entire march tonight… we stopped him. Then he stalked us. Last night him and his friends tried to jump one member of our security team, didn’t work out to good for him or his buddies. AND Internal Affairs paid him a visit last night. We march peacefully for justice. Your community, your elected officials, even drunk cops, constantly show how disgusting and hateful they are. We will not lose this battle, trust us, your hate, open racist laws, cops, mayor, will not win. We marched after curfew. We pushed the police back into their snake holes. Tonight was one of many victories. Many more to come! Long live the revolution!!!” — Seann Page

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