Milwaukee, September 1, 2020: Joe Berrada: Stop the Evictions Now!

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Joe Berrada: Stop the Evictions Now!

Joe Berrada is the biggest slumlord in Milwaukee. He has evicted over 300 people since the pandemic began, putting hundreds of people out on the street, endangering their health and that of the public. But his oppressive and unethical practices did not begin with the pandemic. His buildings had 1,300 code violations from 2010 to 2018 and he was responsible for 12% of all evictions in the city in 2017. He is known for evicting tenants for the smallest and most trivial reasons.

We demand that Berrada Properties
– cease all evictions for the duration of the pandemic.
– keep units clean and updated and provide timely and competent repairs when requested by tenants
– enter into a neutral mediation process with tenants if there is financial hardship prior to seeking an eviction order
– work with tenants to get evictions off their records
– commit to not retaliating against tenants who bring forward complaints

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