August 21, 2020, Friday Freedom Flicks: Imperialism in the 21st Century: A Virtual Panel Discussion

Friday Freedom Flicks, 8-21-20, 7 PM
A video presentation
21st Century Imperialism Conference Panel Discussion
Vijay Prashad, Founder of Tricontinental; author of numerous books and articles on imperialism and the Global South.Medea Benjamin, Code Pink, activist and author of books on such subjects as Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Cuba.Jerry Harris, Executive Secretary, the Global Studies Association, author of numerous books and articles on the transnational capitalist class and financialization.
What is imperialism in the twenty-first century? What are the class forces within and between nations that are the predominant players in the new global system? Are there contradictions between a transnational capitalist class and national class formations? How important are international financial institutions, the debt system, and global production chains? Are there contradictions between class fractions, such as finance and manufacturing capital, different economic sectors including the fossil fuel industrial, and the military? How important are ideologies, such as white supremacy, “American exceptionalism”, and anti-communism as drivers of war and intervention? Are the corporate media and/or social media new forces in the imperial system?And, as we participate in the election process, what does this all mean for the work of peace activists today?For further information see: Action of WI​​

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