Kenosha, August 24, 2020: Protest For Teachers Safety and Virtual Learning for KUSD

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Protest For Teachers Safety and Virtual Learning for KUSD

Hi all! This event is to protest against KUSD’s decision to reopen in person. All surrounding school districts have recently reversed their in person decisions and are moving virtual. KUSD has been bullied into reopening by parents for the sake of sports and normalcy, but at what cost?

Parents can still choose to keep their children in a virtual curriculum, while most teachers (including my own mother) don’t have that option. Teacher strikes are illegal in 38 states, and the union is not what it once was, so we are the biggest voice they have. We need to protect and value our educators and their health and safety. Over sports, over everything.

Our intention is to pressure KUSD into reversing their reopening vote and keep classes virtual.

Additionally, a letter is being drafted to copy/paste and a link will be provided to email KUSD’s superintendent and board members urging them to reverse their decision.

Lastly, if anyone would like to prepare a few words (teachers, EDU students in the area, current KUSD students/parents, etc) please reach out to one of the hosts.

This event will take place at the District Building, 3600 52nd st. Monday, August 31 beginning at 4 pm. Please wear masks, bring signs, etc.

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