Milwaukee, August 30, 2020: The Black August RIDE

The Black August RIDE

Commemorating BlackAugust is an important contribution to self-determination. The traditional practices of Black August include fasting, studying, and physical training. 50 years ago, on August 7, 1970, Jonathan Jackson was killed in northern California while attempting to liberate a group of Black freedom fighters known as the Soledad Brothers, of which his brother, George Jackson, was a part.

The Soledad Brothers inspired hunger strikes and protests, bringing attention to the atrocities of the prison industrial complex and its architects. George was killed by the state a little over a year later on August 21, 1971, as he, too, attempted to liberate folks from prison.

In general, the month of August is also rich with the history of Black resistance and rebellion, from the Haitian Revolution to the Watts rebellion, Nat Turner Rebellion, Fugitive Slave Law Convention, March on Washington, the Ferguson Uprising and more. Many revolutionaries including Marcus Garvey and Fred Hampton were also born in August. Black August is a reminder of our individual and collective will to win!!!

Pandemic safety protocols in effect – Wear Masks!

Red Bike & Green-Milwaukee 

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