Milwaukee Teachers Education Association (MTEA) stands with Jacob Blake, his children and family, and the Kenosha community

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Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

MTEA stands with Jacob Blake, his children and family, and the Kenosha community. Jacob Blake is the dedicated father of three young children, including two EBSOLA Creative Arts students, who watched from the backseat of their car as Kenosha police shot their father in the back. Mr. Blake is miraculously alive, hospitalized and fighting for his life, but the wounds and trauma sustained by Mr. Blake, his family and the Kenosha community at the hands of police are a reminder that Black and Brown communities are incessantly targeted by violence perpetrated by police who are sworn to serve and protect the communities they work in.

MTEA supports the movement for Black lives and will fight for progress that demonstrates through action, practice and policy that Black lives truly do matter. MTEA believes that our students deserve to live in a just world, and that it is the responsibility of all of us, everyday, to build that just world with our students and our communities.

Fire, arrest, and try the officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back. We must reject policing as it stands and all systems of institutionalized racism that continue to harm Black and Brown people and their communities. We must redefine “safety” in our communities. None of us are “safe” in a country that tolerates police that murder Black and Brown people.

While this happened on a Sunday night in Kenosha, it could have happened in Milwaukee or anywhere in our country. Join us as we fight alongside Liberate MKE for the City of Milwaukee to defund the police and invest $75 million in building the communities we deserve. The public will have its first opportunity to testify about where you believe money should be spent in the 2021 City of Milwaukee Budget. This meeting will be virtual and you can register here:

The hearing will also be broadcast simultaneously on the City Channel’s cable and online feeds, as well as the City Channel YouTube stream.
Register here:


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