Madison, August 29, 2020: Justice for Jacob Blake

Image may contain: text that says 'JUSTICE FOR JACOB BLAKE @ 4PM AUGUST 29 LIBRARY MALL Bring an extra pair of shoes you can leave behind'

Justice for Jacob Blake

On August 23rd, Jacob Blake was held by his shirt and brutally shot 7 times in the back. Now five days later, the cop who shot him – Rusten Sheskey – walks free, on paid administrative leave, facing no consequences. The Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation has the power to arrest and charge Rusten Sheskey. Instead, they decided to protect both the Kenosha Police Department and Jacob’s would-be killer. If the DCI was serious about upholding justice, they would immediately fire, arrest, and charge Rusten Sheskey with second degree manslaughter. The eyes of the country are on us right now – and we’re furious at the failing of the Department of Justice to defend Black and Brown lives. We demand Justice for Jacob Blake. Join us at 4:00pm at Library Mall to march because black lives matter.

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