Help Defend the Garifuna communities and OFRANEH in Honduras


Hello all,

The struggle to defend the Garifuna communities and OFRANEH and to demand the return of the disappeared defenders of the Garifuna communities continues more than 30 days after the young land and territory defenders were kidnapped. I have included the link to the latest (August 24th) HSN statement HERE 
We will be sending out new email action for people to contact Honduran and US officials on Tuesday. We will send out more information about other actions also.
In Honduras, OFRANEH and the communities continue the protests and pressure. On Friday August 21 there was a protest in front of the offices of the DPI (Bureau of Investigative Police) in Tegucigalpa and road blocks organized by the local communities, all were threatened by police.
The International Garifuna Council with OFRANEH organized actions at Honduran consulates in numerous US cities (Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Los Angeles and a few days earlier there was another action in New York City.  The IGC open letter from the Garifuna community living abroad is attached to this email.
HSN on Facebook and twitter @hondurasol has been updating regularly, and Karen Spring’s Honduras Now podcast has two shows dedicated to the forced disappearances and the Garifuna communities’ struggle.
Please share information widely. Thanks to Lalo Garcia of AFGJ for the great graphic – there will be more of those to share as well.
in solidarity,
Vicki Cervantes

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