What media moguls don’t want you to know: Youtube and Google attack Cuba and Venezuela

MRonline, August 24, 2020-
AUG. 21 UPDATE: YouTube restored Mesa Redonda’s account today affirming the account did not infringe on the Conditions of Service. No explanation was given.
But as President Miguel Diaz-Canel tweeted, “Those who don’t want the world to know about our vaccine blocked Cuban digital channels. Anyway, no one has been vaccinated and the needle prick is already hurting.”
As of 10 pm EDT, VTV’s account has not been restored. The blockade is real.
On Aug. 20, just ahead of programming about the start of clinical trials for Cuba’s COVID-19 vaccine, Soberana-01, YouTube management disabled Mesa Redonda’s channel. Mesa Redonda (Roundtable) airs Monday through Friday evenings on Cuban national television. Its international audience included more than 19,000 YouTube channel subscribers. Mesa Redonda is still streamed through Facebook and the Aug. 20 program can be viewed there.

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