Kenosha, September 3, 2020: Tell the KUSD School Board Science is Real and Black Lives Matter!

DATE CHANGE: Tell the KUSD School Board Science is Real and Black Lives Matter!

The School Board meeting is officially rescheduled for Thursday, September 3 at 6 PM. 3600 52nd Street, Kenosha. There will be an opportunity for public comment. We will protest outside of the meeting ahead of time.

At this meeting the Superintendent will be presenting the Board with their plan to improve equity in our district but in reality district leadership continues to delay progress and withhold resources in order to affect meaningful change for our Black and Brown students and ensure they are safe in our schools. The Board will be also be voting on the trans student policy that has been 4 years in the making. The policy they are voting on is problematic because it only allows students who are 18 and students with parental consent to identify as trans. This means that many trans students will be named and called the wrong pronouns by policy. This is detrimental to students mental health and physical safety, as it creates the risk of being outed to abusive parents/guardians and others. The School Board must amend this policy to be truly inclusive of all trans students in KUSD.

Most of you are also aware that the School Board flip-flopped on their decision for an all virtual return to school. In the middle of a pandemic and without a solid plan the Board unanimously denied science and put KUSD in a terrible position. KUSD is the third largest district in the State and will be the only urban district in the State to have an in person option to the beginning of the school year. This is a dangerous and deadly decision.

To top it all off, the KUSD School Board will also be voting to finalize their new policy on Citizen Committees. The new policy reduces the number of times these committees can meet from 12 to 4 a year, it also removes committee members ability to vote on issues, and takes away the ability of the committee to discuss the budget and district strategic plan. This decision is being made for only one reason, the Board doesn’t value citizen input and would rather make decisions that are simply a rubber stamp for administration or a method of pandering to the loudest voices at a time. We need to save and strengthen our district committees to ensure citizens can continue to have a voice, this does the opposite.

Science is real, these decisions are deadly, and on all of these issues KUSD needs to change course immediately or our community may never recover.

Social distancing and masks required!!!

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