September 8, 2020: (Online) PPJ- Dane. Co. Committee meeting

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PPJ- Dane. Co. Committee meeting

Hello Allies/Co-Conspirators for Black Lives. Let’s Build the People, Not the Jail!

Join us Tuesday, September 8th, for a meeting of the Public Protection and Judiciary (PPJ) committee to discuss the Doyle Resolution. Please send emails to your representatives (template below) and sign up to speak at this meeting.

Imagine what our communities could do with the $150 MILLION that a jail will cost! We need human investment, not more cages. What’s more, the pandemic has clearly shown us that reducing the population size in no way affects our community negatively. In no way do we need to build a bigger jail.

Let’s start building momentum over the next few months to pass this Doyle Resolution and save the county $150 million that can be invested in community. We have already experienced a small win in that the county is taking up to an extra five months to vote, in a response to the overwhelming current momentum to divest from incarceration. Let’s use this time to Build the People, Not the Jail – and let’s start Tuesday!

Please contact your supervisor soon! You can visit to find your own supervisor or you can email and just let them all know!

If you want a template for your email, feel free to copy and paste the script below:
Dear Supervisor(s),
If there was ever a good time to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to cage human beings, now is certainly not that time. As our community has been rocked by the COVID pandemic, we have witnessed the fact that downsizing the population in our jails has had no ill effects on our community. There is no way that you can in good conscience vote anything but YES on the Doyle Resolution and stop the building of a new jail in our county.
We understand the terrible condition the old jail is in, but we also understand that jail is inhumane, period. We cannot afford to spend this egregious sum to lock people up in slightly better conditions, especially when our communities need this money so much.
If you believe that Black lives matter then I urge you to understand that we must center the voices of those most impacted by jails and see: an investment in incarceration is an investment in white supremacy. As your constituent, I will not stand for this and I will tell my friends, family, and neighbors to stand with me.
Thank you so much to everyone who is taking this stand, including the board supervisors who have done so. Together, we can and will beat white supremacy.

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