Graduate Employees Union at the University of Michigan Vote to #StrikeForSafeCampus – In Person and Virtual Picket Lines

Graduate Employees’ Organization 3550

The vote passes! GEO membership has authorized a strike, effective September 8, 2020.This is a historic moment: we are striking at the beginning of the year, in the midst of a pandemic, to protect our whole community.

Are we ready for tomorrow?? From 5am, GEO members will be on the picket lines! Haven’t signed up yet? Signed up for a Tues/ Wed shift but not others? You can still sign up at! Don’t forget your mask, and please read!

Can’t join on the physical picket lines? No problem! Time to SFH (strike from home) on the Virtual Picket Lines tomorrow! We’ve got a new schedule coming out tomorrow morning, but you can get a sneak peek at Remember to sign up at


GEO is the labor union that represents Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) and Graduate Student Staff Assistants (GSSAs) at the University of Michigan.

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