Milwaukee, September 19, 2020: UW: Our Fight against Racism, Discrimination and Inequality

1 P.M. Bradford Beach, 2400 N Lincoln Memorial Drive, Milwaukee, WI

It has been long overdue that we come together to fight the oppression of Systemic Racism, discrimination and Inequality. Those in power have tried to silence our voice and take away our right to protest. We won’t let them. We will begin at Bradford Beach and March to Veterans Park.

***Due to COVID-19, we ask everyone to wear Masks and stick with the group you came with and social distance (6 feet) from others****

This is a peaceful protest, to make our voices heard and remember those who were publicly murdered by officers sworn to “protect us”. We will say the names of those we’ve lost, we will demand justice and not be silenced by those in power. Collectively our voices and strength can create change. Together. Police Brutality is the surface level of a much deeper system of oppression. This is the continuation of a generational struggle and fight against Racism in America. We. Will. Not. Tolerate. It.
George Floyd, 46
Breonna Taylor, 26
Michael Brown, 18
Ahmaud Arbery, 25
Tamir Rice, 12
Trayvon Martin, 17
Atatiana Jefferson, 28
Stephon Clark, 22
Philando Castille, 32
Alton Sterling, 37
Freddie Gray, 25
Eric Garner, 43
Tanisha Anderson, 37
and many, many, many more.
We will never forget you.

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