Milwaukee, September 26, 2020: March for George “Marshall” Clark Pt. 2

Milwaukee County Historical Society – 2 P.M.

This march has been organized to commemorate George Marshall Clark. He was a victim of Police Brutality and Racism during the mid 1800’s. While walking in downtown Milwaukee with his roommate James Sheldon and two white women, they were stopped by two white men who threw racial slurs at them. This interaction turned into a scuffle, which resulted in Sheldon stabbing one of the white men , killing him. The police held both Clark and Sheldon at the Milwaukee Courthouse (which is now Cathedral Sqaure) for a few months. Impatient mob (some where cops) decided to take justice into their own hands. When the mob came Sheldon slipped into a conjoined cell and hid. So the mob took Clark, who pleaded that he wasn’t responsible. They dragged him the the Engine Company, where they held a mock trial. Then they dragged him to Buffalo and Water St. and lyched him from a pile driver! Clarke is Milwaukee’s only documented lynching victim. This story saddened me, and i wanted to pay my respects. But, it took two days to locate his burial plot, and when we did find it. The grave was unmarked. George Marshall Clark was 24 at the time of his death, in 1861. Lets come together get this man a headstone!

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