September 18, 2020: Mutual Aid to Combat Hate in Hartland, WI

For centuries, police forces have been employed to maintain the status quo of white supremacy in our neighborhoods. The community of Hartland, a place that is over 97% White, has been able veil their racism for too long. Even worse news— they aren’t hiding anymore. They are coming to us, to our community, to insist to us how much we need them. We reject their propaganda.

Join us for a mutual aid event to drown out the hate the RPWC plans to bring to Nixon park. At this event, we will have food, first aid, water, sign making, clothes, schools supplies, and more. Our goal is not to be confrontational to the other rally, but to show them how powerful our love truly is. Let us be an example of the community care that we call for when demanding our lawmakers defund the police. Let’s show Hartland how much Black Lives Matter.

If you can not attend the event, please consider donating $ via PayPal/venmo/cashapp AND/OR donating books, food, clothing, or supplies. Please DM the organizer on Facebook to get involved this way. Masks and social distancing required. This event is open to folks of all ages.

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