Freedom Inc.: #InvestInCommunity

Madison’s 2021 Capital Budget ($162 million) is being discussed tonight while our communities are facing evictions, unemployment, and poverty. Register to speak to demand they #InvestInCommunity.Today and tomorrow at 4:30pm.Attend the Budget Hearings online.Register to speak on item #22: online:

“We have demanded for years that our state seriously invest in the safety and well-being of our Black and Southeast Asian communities. Now, we demand that the empty statements of solidarity be withheld in favor of concrete action to address the very conditions that are preventing us from achieving it. The city of Madison will be finalizing its budget for 2021 over the next few months, and we demand that the police budget be used to ensure that our neighbors and families are able to keep their homes. We demand that the integrity of our community resources be maintained. We demand that the state invest meaningfully in the lives of its citizens, not police inflicted deaths.” – Freedom Inc’s 8/31/20 Statement

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