Detroit, September 14, 2020: Defund The Police, Refund Housing! Community Education & Conversation With Moratorium Now

This coming week we’re joined by Moratorium NOW! Coalition and others to talk about housing justice!Join Community Movement Builders, the General Baker Institute, and the Black & Brown Alliance of the Detroit Democratic Socialist of America for our second series of neighborhood-based political education & community conversation events on the movement to defund the police, defend black lives, and rebuild our neighborhoods. Upcoming Liberation Mondays:
September 14th
September 21st
September 28th We know folks really enjoyed and benefitted from the first series of Liberation Mondays this summer in different parts of the city as our speakers placed the present moment and its demands in the larger context of the fight to end capitalist exploitation. We talked about what it could look like to defund the police and rebuild our neighborhoods. Now we will focus on what is needed to fund the things we actually need in our neighborhoods. Masks are strongly encouraged. We’ll be setting up chairs at six feet apart to comply with social distancing protocols. Some light refreshments will be served. Livestream will be available if you can’t attend in person.

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