Milwaukee, September 12, 2020: Justice for Jacob Blake – March & Rally

Martin Luther King Park, Milwaukee, WI – 11:30 A.M.

The Jacob Blake family, All of Us or None, The Peoples Revolution: Come on out and help us support the Jacob Blake family. We want Justice and we want it now! This movement will not stop until we reach our goal of getting the officers involved in shooting and paralyzing our brother, tried and convicted. This will be a day of great festivities, speakers, entertainment, food and fellowship, from people all over the world. Don’t miss this great extravaganza for justice!

All Of Us Or None Wisconsin
☆ Special Address:
JARRETT BLAKE & LETETRA BLAKE ☆ Special Guest Speakers:
CHAIRMAN FRED HAMPTON JR. – Black Panther Party Cubs, Prisoners of Conscience Committee
PROFESSOR BENNETH LEE – Justice Studies NEIU, National Alliance for the Empowerment of the Formerly Incarcerated☆ Performers
YOUNG BLEED – No Limit Records
MISTY BLANCO – Misty TV Firm Corp
KENYA AMIR – Misty TV Firm Corp
PREZ – Bad Boy ENT
DINI HUE – Universal Records
BLAQ ICE – Poet (king of poetry)
KHAMONZI – Zulu Nation
I’sea Deizel-Marie
Janiya Williams
Rebecca Burrell
Vaun Mayes
Young Medina
☆ Other Speakers include:
Amina Matthews – Pause for Peace, daughter of Jeff Fort
The Anderson Family
Caliphe Muab-El – Breaking Barriers, All of Us or None WI
Minster Cielcel Lacy – Brother of Earnest Lacy
David Bowen – Elected official
Destiny Monae – The Peoples Revolution
Greg Bennet – Peace in the Streets
Brother Hogan Bey – Grand Governor, Moorish Science Temple of America
Jerome Dillard – EXPO
Khamonzi – Zulu Nation
Khalil Coleman – The Peoples Revolution
Tiffany Henry – President, Milwaukee Urban League
Tracy Cole – Mother of Alvin Cole
LaTanya “Tanky” Fort – AMNMMPA
Monique West – Mother of Ty’Rese West
Senator Lena Taylor – Elected Official
PorcheBennet – BLAK
Sean Wilson – ACLU
Sedan Smith – Breaking Barriers Mentoring
Sequanna Taylor – Elected official
Stevante Clark – SAC
Tanya McLean – Peace in the Streets/ A.E.R
Vaun Mays – Comforce ☆

Hosts: Jasmine Conway, Mariah Smith

All Of Us Or None Wisconsin

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