Chicago, September 14, 2020: #StrikeForOurLives: SEIU Local 73 and INA UIC Workers Strike Rally

SEIU Local 73

We are ready to fight! On Monday, UIC workers will be walking off the job and joining the Illinois Nurses Association in a fight for economic and health justice. Stand with us as at Noon at 1717 W. Taylor St, as we aim to dismantle the culture of disrespect from UIC. Why are we going on strike? Because UIC has failed to:Protect us: Provide adequate PPE for the duration of the pandemic and a guarantee that workers will never be left without proper protection again. Agree to enforce the protocols set up to keep everyone safe consistently. If we’re not safe on the job, neither are the people we care for or the students we serve.

We are also anxious to keep our own families safe from the virus.Respect us: Give workers doing the same job whether down state or in Chicago a chance to thrive. We should have a say in how we best deliver care and services — and we say we need more staff to properly care for everyone walking through UIC’s doors.Pay us: We are essential workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and others dealing with its impact. We need more than a pat on the back. We need essential pay. We demand a living wage of at least $15/hr.

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