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To all our dearest Hmong LGBTQI+ siblings around the world,We struggle to let our inner beauty project it’s outer bloom because the world doesn’t see us. We’ve been told and conditioned to feel like our very own existence is not normal. Being able to come into our full selves and love who we truly are is already a challenge; it is unacceptable that when we present ourselves to the world, we are met with patriarchal violence, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia. Due to these types of violence, many of our Hmong LGBTQI+ siblings have lost their lives, and with the recent passing of Paj Ntsais Xyooj, we are truly devastated and heartbroken.

As people who come from a community that is heavily centered around culture and family, we have to understand that sometimes our culture and family will fail us as LGBTQI+ Hmong people, not because they are more homophobic than other communities, but because of how deeply entrenched patriarchy, misogyny, and heterosexism is in our society and across every community. Many of us have been displaced within our own families and community, but through these impenetrable terrains, LGBTQI+ Hmong people have been resilient. It takes a lot of courage for those who choose to stay and engage with their biological families, and we know that for many, it is not a choice. Nevertheless, we have found ways to blossom and create family and support systems outside of it.

The truth is, we are fierce, strong, and we offer so much knowledge to the world. We are the colors that were carefully sewn onto our traditional clothing. We are what makes Hmong beautiful and vibrant. We are the caretakers of our families, no matter how much they’ve hurt us. We are the bearers of Hmong cultural arts, and we carry our people’s stories, even when our own people and others try to erase us. We know that our ancestors are proud of us, for we are resilient.

To our LGBTQI+ Hmong Siblings, we see you, and we love you so much. We are all significant and worthy of love, happiness, and life.

With the Greatest of Love,

Kaleb Her, Freedom, Inc.Dee Lee, Hmong Queer SuabXay Yang, Transforming GenerationsZong Yang, Hmong American Women’s AssociationZon Moua, Freedom, Inc.

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