U.S. Plane Carrying Drugs Rendered Inoperable in Venezuela

Geopolitics Alert

By: teleSUR On: September 16, 2020

A plane registered in the United States containing a large shipment of drugs inside was rendered inoperable upon entering Zulia state, on the border with Colombia, as informed by Nestor Reverol, Minister of People’s Power for Internal Affairs, Peace and Justice.

As the official announced on his Twitter page, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) detected the illegal aerial unit through the Comprehensive Aerospace Defense Command  (Codai) radars.

Afterward, all of the established protocols under the Law of Control for Comprehensive Aerospace Defense were activated, through which they were able to render it inoperable close to a secret runway in the Machiques de Perija municipality. The plane had U.S. tags and entered Venezuelan territory illegally.

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Zulia state and its authorities remain vigilant up against the incursion of individuals and vehicles attempting to allow drug trafficking to penetrate the nation. To this end, the FANB possesses the training and arms necessary to confront these illegal practices.

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Last week in the same region of Venezuela, 17 kilos of powdered cocaine hidden under the cushions in the back seat of a vehicle were seized by Venezuelan authorities.

Due to its close proximity to Colombia, a significant producer of illicit substances, Venezuela has numerous initiatives designed to confront drug trafficking and prevent the presence of such activities on Venezuelan soil.

This post was originally written for and published by teleSUR English and appears here with permission.

Image: Twitter – @NestorLReverol


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