Transdev fires ATU leader in “Blatant union-busting move”

ATU Local 1764 reports that Transdev, the company which operates the Fairfax Connector bus service, is back to its old union-busting ways. Transdev has fired ATU Local 1764 shop steward Vance Young in retaliation for his union activities, the union says. Young was first brought up on charges by Transdev after he raised safety concerns about clean buses with a County official, and when the company couldn’t justify disciplining him for that, they scheduled an investigative interview during his regularly-scheduled shift. After Young missed the meeting because the company did not relieve him from operating the bus, they fired him for insubordination. “The Union will fight to win Vance’s reinstatement and is confident it will prevail,” said Local 1764’s John Ertl. “This disgraceful conduct by Fairfax County’s contractor is a perfect illustration for why public services should not be entrusted to for-profit companies like Transdev.”

ATU Local 1764

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