September 26, 2020: 4th Annual March for Black Women

Repost from @blackwomensblueprint•IT’S TODAY! Tune in at 12pm EST and join the 4th Annual March for Black Women.

If you have not registered yet, there is still time to RSVP through the link in our bio.Are you Marching with us in the name of #BreonnaTaylor and countless other Black women, Trans and GNC community who’ve been slain in our streets and their homes, both by state-sanctioned and gender-based violence?

To our sisters: this movement could not and will not succeed without you, and we are proud to fight alongside you this September for the future we deserve in a world of our own making.

If “we are all we’ve got,” then we choose to love each other fiercely.”Join us virtually as we unite in all our diversity to unapologetically center Black cis, Trans and GNC voices in the continued fight for racial and gender justice.


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