Mijente Support Committee:

Yesterday, Palantir went public. We’ve been exposing the company for the past two years as part of our No Tech for ICE campaign, organizing protests, boycotts, research reports, and investigations into a firm that has been called “mission critical” for ICE.

We’re going to keep on them, and we need your help.

We did amazing things in September, writing an op-ed in The Guardian, organizing protests against Palantir in Palo Alto, Denver, and New York, and coordinating hundreds of people to mass tweet #DefundPalantir at the company on the same day. Groups like Amnesty International and the ACLU joined our calls against Palantir, and AOC and Chuy García demanded that the company be investigated. 

AOC even tweeted in solidarity with us yesterday, writing “Palantir needs to be investigated”!!!

Image of tweet from Alexandria Ocasio Cortez @AOC "Palantir needs to be investigated"

We explain all of it in our new blog post, outlining our campaign and the danger of Palantir’s tech. 

This fight isn’t over. Palantir will continue its work for ICE, ensuring they have the best tools to track, target, detain, and deport folks.

We’re going to keep fighting. If you’re concerned about mass surveillance against our communities, please help us fund this fight.

Donate to #NoTechforICE.

In solidarity, 


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