The wolf is at the door: Mobilize the working class against a stolen election

October 3, 2020 Sharon Black

“…There are any number of good ideas on how to mobilize; all should be implemented as vigorously as possible.

The future of humanity depends on what we do at this critical juncture. Capitalism is literally at a dead end and can do very little to solve the major crises impacting the globe, whether it’s the pandemic, catastrophic climate change, fires in California, or health care, housing, food and jobs for the people.  

As a system, capitalism is so tied to the exploitation of Black and Brown people and immigrants that it finds itself unable to respond to even the most modest demand to respect Black bodies. 

Socialism is the answer. At this juncture, the wolf is at the door and it will take unity and boldness to stop it.”

Today’s anti-racist, Black Lives Matter, anti-police-terror movement is a continuation of the fight that was stopped short by the counterrevolution against Reconstruction.

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