Madison, October 9, 2020: Listen Up, Bucky! March for Racial Justice and Cops Off Campus

Hosted by TAA – Graduate Worker Union of UW-Madison and UW Madison BIPOC Coalition

Camp Randall Arch, (W Dayton Street & North Randall Avenue) – 5 P.M.

Our administrators refuse to listen to us.Minutes after student leaders in ASM passed a vote of no-confidence of UWPD, Becky Blank tweeted “I support our department, its officers and its progressive values.”

In a meeting with the Badger Herald, Becky stated that she hadn’t heard any specific complaints about incidents with UWPD officers. This is, frankly, impossible to believe.Becky called the removal of the Abe Lincoln statue a “non-starter,” despite this being the first demand of the BIPOC Coalition.

Administrators have also boasted of deploying UWPD officers to police off-campus gatherings, a move which increases the likelihood of police encounters for BIPOC students living off-campus.When administrators have been willing to “listen,” it’s only on their terms. They will not have a conversation in public with students, workers, or community members. The only meetings they want to have are private and behind closed doors—on their terms.

On Friday, the UW BIPOC Coalition and the TAA invite you to get loud and make some noise to tell Becky and UW administrators: Listen Up! Can You Hear Us Now?Bring noisemakers, signs, and your marching shoes.

*Masks required and social distancing protocols will be observed*

Link to survey gathering negative experiences with UWPD:…/1FAIpQLSeycrLzh1POZQ…/viewform

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