Wauwatosa, October 10-12, 2020: WE DEMANDING JUSTICE FOR ALVIN COLE


Wauwatosa City Hall – Oct 10 at 5:30 PM EDT – Oct 12 at 12:45 AM EDT

United we stand divided We fail !!!!

This why we must come together to show unity to fight against the atrocities that taken place Wauwatosa. Wisconsin is a state plagued by racism, and WE THE PEOPLE will not stop until we see JUSTICE! YOU WILL NOT SILENCE US YOU WILL NOT SILENCE US!

Detail: we will being march and Caravan throughout Wauwatosa community . We will have sort meet up areas through two different city’s RACINE AND MILWAUKEE MESSAGE ME ON FOR ANYMORE INFO OR DETAIL #WIwillNotBeSilenced !!!!!

NO JUSTICE NO PEACE !!!The curfew in Wauwatosa and the corresponding arrests, is a direct attack on our first amendment right to assemble and speak.It reaks of Jim Crow era #sundowntown Come and help us fight for equality.

Alvin Cole; Victim in Police Fatally Shooting outside the ...

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