Cuba & the U.S. – Two Social Systems. Two different approaches to humanity

Webinars and Webinar Videos

Video — Cuban Doctors Speak: 15 years of the Henry Reeve International Medical BrigadeDanny Glover and Vijay Prashad  host  this event celebrating 15 years of the contingent.

Video of October 3 webinar: Fighting blockades & COVID-19: Why US sanctions in Latin America must end Cuba Solidarity Campaign, Nicaragua Solidarity Action Group and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign

October 9, 7 pm ET: Carlos Ron, President of Simon Bolivar Institute for Peace and Solidarity among the Peoples

October 9, 6 pm ET: Peoples Forum – “THE WAR ON CUBA” Premiere and Q&A with Liz Oliva

October 10, 11am ET Nicaragua Friends of the ATC Ben Linder Solidarity School online class with Peter Rosset

October 14: Policing & Caribbean Autonomy in Nicaragua (here, to register)

October 29: Cuba Resists! Trump, the Blockade and the US ElectionsCuban Ambassador to Britain, Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez; Cuban Ambassador to the US, Jose Ramon Cabañas; Gloria La Riva, Presidential candidate for Party for Socialism and Liberation, US; Valia Rodriguez, Cuban medical scientist; Helen Yaffe, University of Glasgow

To follow Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia daily:

Orinoco Tribune

Stand with Venezuela

Venezuela Solidarity New York


Friends of Sandinista Nicaragua

Friends of Evo’s Bolivia

Kawsachun News

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