October 15, 2020 Webinar: The Impact of the Trump Administration on the Churches in Cuba

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/36Wafzy

Learn about current issues including: *the difficulties of everyday life in terms of food and basic necessities in Cuba *the impact of the blockade on Cuba *the role of Cuban medical personnel around the world *the need for solidarity of churches in Cuba and the United States  

Translation will be provided from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.  

Words of Welcome:Antonio Santana, President, Cuban Council of Churches and James Winkler, President of the National Council of Churches USA.  

Participants include:Speakers from the United States introduced by Jim Winkler, National Council of Churches *Rep. Jim McGovern of Massachusetts *Geoff Thale of the Washington Office on Latin America  

Speakers from the Cuban Council of Churches introduced by Rev. Joel Dopico, Exec Secretary of the Cuban Council of Churches *Rev. Dora Arce Velentin, Moderator, Presbyterian Reformed Church in Cuba *Marilyn Pena Perez, Team Coordinator of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center *Rev. Izett Sama Hernandez, Presbyterian Pastor

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