Milwaukee, October 18, 2020: Protest Health and Safety Training

Hosted by Forward Action Street Medics

2801 S 5th Street, Bounce Milwaukee – 11 A.M. – 3 P.M.

Join us for a short course in protest health and safety. Your trainers will all be experienced street medics, most of which have been doing this work for several years. Topics Covered:
– Dealing with police tactics and chemical weapons
– Protest safety and etiquette
– Security cultureHosted by Milwaukee’s street medic collective – Forward Action Medics (FAM)This is not a street medic training. The training for a street medic is 20 hours long and takes a lot of work to put together. We hope to offer another one of these again in the future but attending this training DOES NOT count as being trained as a street medic.This event is open to the public, with a few exceptions: no members of law enforcement, active duty military, or news media may attend. All are welcome, but we expect people to respect each other, the space, and their trainers. Anyone whose participation becomes problematic may be asked to leave.Covid-19 Precautions:
– Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. Everybody is required to wear masks inside the building.
– We will be breaking up into three small groups which will rotate between three different sections to facilitate social distancing.
– While every effort to socially distance will be made, the last time we held this training we had over 100 participants. If you are a person who is at risk of complications from Covid-19, you should consider whether this training is for you.Accessibility:
– Gender neutral restrooms will be available.
– This event is wheelchair accessible
– We will be discussing topics relevant to protests in and around Milwaukee, and therefore some of these topics may be triggering or unsettling. Please do what you need to do for your own mental health, and don’t be afraid to step away from a discussion if it makes you uncomfortable.

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